More peoples ask how to send mails at the biggest webmails like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail so I was think to share how to send. I just say in another post how to send but have a different “subject post name” but I want to be here on this section so people can find. 

  1. Use your ONLY scripts/softwares to mass emails, DO NOT use PUBLIC softwares like Advanced Mass Sender (AMS 4.3) ; Something with new “headers” in the tool.
  2. Use a machine with a clear IP(you can check on + SMTP server with a clear IP.
  3. Your email list must have minimum 70% alive mails and from many domains, DO NOT try to send mails at the same domain(you make flood and the webmail mark your IP like spammer).
  4. Your letter must have a clear code, don’t use words like “Bank, PayPal, Craiglist”), in the same time with no more content, only what is important and low possibile you can write.
  5. DO NOT put anchor text “click here” , “following this link” for the link… try to paste the link name for example: or make another anchor text (IF you have only text in the content without link the mail send must go to inbox 90%)
  6. Send maximum 2000-3000 mails/h.
  7. Put at “From Name” settings the word “Support” (you can create from your hosting the mailbox with same word “Support”) , put at “From Email” , DO NOT use reply section because the webmails marks your message like SPAM , use at Email Subject 4-8 words.
  8. DO NOT use pictures!!! Only one, the logo from your business/company.(If you can’t use is much better.)
  9. Type of mail send chose HTML CODE + TEXT CODE , this is VERY important all webmails accept messages to inbox only have this option selected!

That’s all I think… maybe I forgot something but these are most important things.